About Us

Art Fest is a celebration of art in all its forms. It is organized by Jacobs University students, mainly by art club leaders. With this event, we would like to celebrate the diversity and creativity of artists from all over the world and bring the Bremen community together. We will have the exhibited works of 29 external artists and 33 students, 30 students performing, 8 clubs participating and 28 members of the ArtFest 2019 Organizing Team to greet you during Art Fest! 

Find out more about what this event is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UQ6K-8tFwY&t=2s


Art Fest Organizing Team 2019:

Main Organizers: Regina Velazquez and Andrea Pin Morales

Department Head Organizers: Paty Quiros (PR), Airine Nuqi (Marketing and Design), Valeria Nuñez (Final Event and Logistics), Hassan Samsudeen (Finance), Helen Schmitz (External Artists)

Organizers: Amine Ighiri, Juan Paulo Ortiz, Eliza Checiu, Natalia Monroy, Camila Popoff, Alexandra Zulaica, Chandler Liu, Jovana Krtsevska, Qais AlBawwab, Othmane Hilaly, Shuvabi Pradhan, Rebecca Tillery, Saharsh Abbagani, Anuka Pokharel, Steven Abreu, Celia Schiller, Emma Finnamore, Alexandra Greig, Marie Steinkraus, Manuela Montes, Linjing Fu